Special Needs

Sun & Fun Cycles now offers:

  •  high-quality wheelchairs
  •  mobility scooters
  •  Joy on the Beach (JOB) wheelchairs/lounges


Benefits of our special needs bikes and devices:

  •  Provides physical activity which directly enhances wellness
  •  Strengthens core muscles for stability
  •  Improves motor planning and gross motor skills
  •  Provides visual and hands on stimulation
  •  May improve and develop full body sensory awareness
  •  Helps improve attention and assists children in focusing on cognitive tasks
  •  Encourages teamwork and verbal communication as well visual awareness of their enviroment
  • Provides leisure, family activity, outdoor activity, community social skills and safety trainning
  •  Family friendly & Very Economic

Our Special needs tricycles and bicycles are designed to accommodate a vast array of special needs. Children, teens and adults with cerebral palsy and similar disorders can select tricycles specially designed to increase strength and   coordination.
Caregivers to autistic children can ride with their child on tandem double joyrider built to accommodate one adult and one child rider.

Our mission:

Here at Sun & Fun Cycles our mission is to teach individuals with disabilities how to ride a bike independently, opening up a lifetime of opportunities. Learning to ride a bike, seemingly such a simple life event is a major rite of passage in life.
Unfortunately, learning how to ride a bike is an epic moment that is absolutely life changing. The opportunities that we offer for many of the children and families with special needs can some time feel out of reach. According to the University of Michigan, less than 20 percent of children with autism and just 10 percent of those with Down’s Syndro me learn how to ride a bike.

Our goals:  

Developing vocational training programs for special needs students in Broward County Schools Safety training & Wellness Programs for students .At Sun & Fun Cycles, special needs equipment and bicycles can be rented for 30 minutes up to a week.
It is open seven days a week from 9 a.m.–11 p.m.



Parking one block  South of the Garfield  Street Parking Garage